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Bus conductor survives six men bashing

07 August 2014

A YOUNG bus conductor was bashed up over the weekend by six men who refused to pay their bus fares.

Reports reaching this paper claimed that the six men who got on the bus at White River and whilst on their way, refused to pay up the $3.00 bus fare for each.

Instead, giving the bus conductor only $6.00 ordering that it was enough to get them a free ride to town.

The bus conductor however did not accept the money, instead demanded that they pay up $2 or $3.00 dollars each.

That was when a heated argument started between the men and the bus conductor.

The men then subsequently stopped the bus at the Bishop’s Dale area to get off, however whilst getting off, they then pulled the bus conductor down with them and started bashing them up.

All six of them continued beating the bus conductor in the drain near the main road, which resulted in a broken hand and a severely bruised face.

“It all happened so fast. They all got down and pulled the poor bus conductor down with them and started throwing punches at him.

“It was one person at first and then the other five came off the bus and joined in bashing up the bus conductor.

“All the passengers in the bus were left stunned and in shock not knowing what to do.

“Fortunately one of the passengers jumped off from the front seat and tried separating the victim from the attacks; however he himself was caught up as the six men continued attacking the pair.

“It was lucky that the bus conductor somehow escaped, however already severely injured, hopped on the bus and then they jetted off to town to the Central Police station and onwards to the National Referral Hospital,” one of the witnesses at the time said.

The bus conductor and his driver later gave a statement at the Honiara Central Police post on the incident.

Solomon Star understands that Honiara City Police are currently investigating the matter.

Acting Police Commissioner for National Capital, Gabriel Manelusi last night said he was unware of incident but will find out details about it.