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Sir Chan supports APS with $30k

07 August 2014

Interim president of United Democratic Party (UDP)has handed over a cheque of thirty thousand dollars $30,000 to support the infrastructure development of the Auki Primary School (APS) in Malaita province.

The cheque was handed over to the APS deputy headmaster (Primary Division) Mr Raphael Angi’i by representatives from the UDP Billy Kwasaimanu and the UDP’s interim secretary Barnabas Henson yesterday at the Honiara Hotel.

The APS deputy boss commended Sir Chan for the assistance he described as timely.

“We really appreciated this timely assistance from Sir Chan.

“Sir Chan, and late Fr John Lamani were the two businessmen who have been in past been rendering their helping hands to the Auki primary school.

“This is a continuous support from Sir Chan.”

Mr Henson speaking on behalf of the party said their party valued education thus they have been working together with Sir Chan to support the education in the country.

“We have been liaising with Sir Chan and happy with his assistance to the school.”

Sir Chan said he was born and raised in Auki, attended Auki primary school thus he has a heart of giving back to the school.

“I was born and raised in Auki. I attended Auki primary school, as well as I felt exactly what children in APS were going through, thus I have a heart of helping back the school.”

Some three years ago when the APS burnt down, Sir Chan stepped and his community and assisted the rebuilding of the school with more than SBD$1million. Now he continued assisting the school.