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Schools warned

07 August 2014

Malaita education authority has issued an ultimatum advising all schools operating under its authority to retire reports of how they spent their school grant before the 2014 academic year ends.

Principal education officer of the Malaita provincial education authority Richard Hou in an interview with the Solomon Star on Wednesday said the authority is serious and wants all schools to retire their 2014 grant report to the education authority before December.

“There are few schools in the province which are yet to retire their first semester school grants report. And this semester (second) should end in December and so the authority wants all schools’ heads to start giving us their retirements as soon as possible.

“Failure to do so by December will result in the schools’ head teachers and principals facing serious consequences from with the authority and ministry of the education,” Mr Hou said yesterday.

He added that a number of schools have yet to submit their first semester report regarding the school grant expenditure.

“Head teachers and principals must understand, these grants are given by donors and they need retirement from schools before this academic year ends.

“Therefore Malaita education authority is reminding all head teachers and principals to quickly submit your first semester grant retirement and later the semester two report.

“Failure to do so will result in the authority taking action against you or your salary would be ceased,” he said.

However Mr Hou could not confirm how many schools have already retired their school grants.