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Public urged to eat more local food

12 August 2014

AN agriculturist has urged Solomon Islanders to grow and eat more local foods to avoid lifestyle diseases.

George Boe, the Ministry of Agriculture’s national palm oil coordinator, was speaking during a radio show at the weekend.

His ministry was the first of government agencies to participate in last Saturday’s String Band Show on the national broadcaster.

Bouyered by his minister David Tome and permanent secretary Jimi Saelea, Mr Boe underscored the importance of growing and eating local food.

“Local food is healthy for our body,” he stressed.

“It helps us to live longer,” Mr Boe added.

He said he was sad to see an increasing number of people going for processed imported food stuffs.

“If we continue to eat processed food, we are actually killing ourselves.

“Asan agriculture officer, I would like to remind everyone in the country to plant more local food.

“A lot of people are dying young today because of life style diseases brought about by unhealthy eating habits.

“Our local foods are the best. Let’s grow more and eat more of it.”