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Court told ‘Fu threatens to kill Wong family’

18 August 2014

A Taiwanese National who allegedly intimidated a Malaysian national over the issue of Tubi log will return to court on September 1, this year.

Mai Yung Fu, 65, is facing one count of intimidation & molestation in relation to an allegation on July 21, this year in Honiara.

Police alleged that after calling up the complainant’s brother Steve Wong to meet him, he went to see Steve at his office at Kingsly, Point Cruz.

Upon his arrival, he allegedly asked Steve about anyone who deals with the harvesting, buying and exporting of Tubi logs and said that they must stop.

Police alleged that Fu told Steve that if these people continued to deal with the Tubi logs, their lives will be at risk and he allegedly named those people he tried to stop.

Fu then allegedly told Steve to tell his brother Kenny Wong of Omex Company who is the complainant in this case, not to deal with Tubi logs.

According to police brief facts, Fu allegedly stated that if Kenny continued to deal with Tubi, he will use Mafia gangs in Taiwan to hunt and kill him and his entire family.

Fu was alleged to have raised his voice in an aggressive tone when he was talking with Steve and insisted that he tell Kenny and his other brothers.

Fu’s lawyer Desmond Nimepo has asked the court for a 28 day adjournment seeking disclosures.

Principal Magistrate Shepherd Lapo granted a short adjournment after police prosecutor Abel Maelanga confirmed that disclosures will be served to the defence right after court hearing.