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Praise for reconciliation ceremony

20 August 2014

A PROMINENT leader of South Guadalcanal has hailed a reconciliation ceremony conducted for five communities in the area last week.

Francis Para, who is also a board member of Solomon Island Visitors Bureau (SIVB), thanked the five communities in South Guadalcanal namely Chakudale, Vatughola, Puisugho, Vetabao and Chiba,for participating in the ceremony.

The ceremony was held to resolve ill-feelings between intending candidates and their supporters due to the high election fever in the area.

Mr Para said in order to have a clean and fair election, it is important for the people to sort out their differences so that the election is carried out peaceful.

The Government is yet to announce the election date, but parliament will dissolve at the end of the current session.

“National elections are an important process that must be carried out in an environment that is free from fear and personal rivalry.

“The reconciliation ceremony carried out last week was therefore crucial to ensure this happens.”