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Call to fix roads, bus stops in Auki

01 September 2014

Malaita provincial government is urged to maintain the conditions of the road in and around capital Auki.

Bus operators in Auki made the call in light of the un-organised bus operations and the poor road condition.

One bus owner said the province needs to designate bus stops so that the service is operated in an orderly fashion.

“By introducing designate bus stops, the province can also build shelter that would keep passengers from rain while waiting for the buses,” the operator said.

“At times when it rains people find it hard to stand in the rain waiting for buses or taxis due to no proper shelter along the main road down to Kilusakwalo or to as far as Fiu bridge.

“These are things that our responsible authorities need to consider,” he said.

Meanwhile, Auki resident Jonah Myles said placing a bus-stop in front of Sun Flower shouldn’t be tolerated.

“Sun Flower is a privately owned area,” he said.

“Responsible authorities in the province should allocate a proper place for buses or transport bay for parking and build bus-stops along the main road for shelter.”

Myles said Auki needs a total overhaul.

 “Is the Auki town council still exists? If they do, this is the sort of issues they should be addressing to make Auki a safer place to live.”

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