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Sofu commends outgoing PS

02 September 2014

Outgoing Permanent Secretary Ishmael Avui has been commended for his outstanding 26 years of service with the government.

Avui was farewelled Friday, as he leaves to contest the North-East Guadalcanal seat in the upcoming election.

“Ishmael Avui is a career civil servant and I am so privileged to have him as my permanent secretary since my appointment as Minister for Public Service,” Stanley Sofu, Public Service minister said.

“It is also worth noting that because of his leadership and management style, coupled with his dedication and commitment, the government has seen it fit to retain him as Permanent Secretary for the Ministry for Public Service for the last 8 years,” Sofu said.

He said Avui’s leadership and management is one that encourages team work through consultation, collaboration and coordination.

“This remains the cornerstone for what we have seen as the image of the Ministry of Public Service today,” the minister added.

He said as PS, Avui engineered some of the major reforms in the public service aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency delivery of service.

“These reforms are necessary given the changing work environment we are now in and is focused more on service delivery.”

Some of the achieved reforms during Avui’s term include

·       Review of the public service Act which is currently in its draft stage which will be hopeful be making a great impact on how the public service will move forward in the future.

·       Performance Management Policy

·       Absentiseem Management Policy

·       Decentralization of the Appointment and recruitment process

·       Human Resource Management and Information System which aims at having accurate data for the public service workforce

·       Code of conduct

·       Remuneration for the public service

Sofu added in terms of capacity building and training the in-service training policy was formulated.

“This is one significant achievement that will guide how the government will develop its human resources. In this regard, we have this Diploma in Human Resource with the Divine Word University.

“All this would not be possible without the support of Avui,” Sofu said.

“Although Ishmael will be leaving the service, one landmark that he will be remembered for is his vision and foresight to have a home for the Ministry of Public Service.

“With enthusiasm and support from the officers responsible, the ministry is now housed and accommodated in one of the modern buildings in Honiara.”