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Lusibaea fined $12,000 for misconduct in office

30 August 2017
Jimmy Lusibaea

NORTH Malaita MP Jimmy Lusibaea has been slapped with a $12,000 fine for misconduct in office.

Office of the Leadership Code Commission (LCC) imposed the fine after it found Lusibaea guilty of three counts of misconduct in office.

LCC said Lusibaea admitted guilt to all three counts and was imposed $4,000 per count.

The first count relates to the awarding of a government road contract to Lion Heart Company, a firm owned by Lusibaea.

LCC said in March 2016, when Lusibaea was Minister for Infrastructure Development, his company was given the contract to carry out maintenance of the Silolo to Fouia road in north Malaita.

“This contract was administered by the MID for which Lusibaea was then the Minister responsible,” LCC said in a statement.

“The Commission finds that this situation places Lusibaea in a conflict of interest,” LCC added.

“Besides, Lusibaea failed to seek prior permission from the Commission for his company to seek, accept or hold the government contract.

“Furthermore, the contract was executed by Lusibaea’s spouse who is also a shareholder in Lion Heart Company.

“Lusibaea in his written response admitted this allegation.”

LCC said the second count relates to Lion Heart’s dealing with Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) in January 2016.

“In January 2016, Lion Heart entered into a contract with SIPA for Lion Heart to provide side lift services for SIPA on profit sharing arrangement using a side lifter truck that Lion Heart sold to SIPA.

“LCC finds that this placed him in a conflict of interest.

“Besides, he failed to seek prior permission from the Commission to enter into contract with SIPA a state owned enterprise which is under the ministerial responsibility of Lusibaea at the relevant time.

“Furthermore, the contract was executed on behalf of Lion Heart by Lusibaea’s associate.

“Lusibaea, in his written response, admitted the offence,” LCC said.

On count 3, LCC said it found information Lusibaea provided in his Declaration Form furnished to the Commission in 2015 as false or misleading in that he declared he had no shares in any company.

“Providing information to the Commission which is false or misleading on a material particular is misconduct in office.

“Lusibaea breached section 10 (c) of the Leadership Code (Further Provisions) Act 1999.

“Lusibaea, in his written response, did not deny this allegation.”

LCC said it found that all three counts are serious and warrants a fine which is the highest penalty the Commission can impose.

“For each of the three counts the Commission imposes $4,000.

“This makes a total fine of $12,000.

“Lusibaea is asked to pay the $12,000 fine at the government Treasury within 14 working days from 28/8/17.

“He has a right of appeal to the High Court within 28 days if he is dissatisfied with the decision.”

LCC said Lusibaea responded to the charges unequivocally.

“The manner and content of his response to the allegations speaks of a leader who is willing to be corrected.

“He did not deny the allegations.

“In a nutshell, his explanation is that he misunderstood the requirement of the Leadership or that he thought his conduct did not breach the Leadership Code.

“He therefore apologises and asked for forgiveness. The Commission accepted the Leader’s remorse as genuine.

“This is reflected in total penalty imposed on him.

“The Commission remind all leaders that the office of the LCC is there to help them comply with their obligations correctly.

“The office of the LCC is for Leaders as far as protecting their integrity is concerned.  Thus the LCC is not against leaders as some incorrectly viewed.”