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Malaita journalists, stringers learn about MASI policy

26 September 2017
Election media training participants and facilitators in Auki on Monday. [Photo: Bira'au Wilson Saeni]

MALAITA provincial based journalists and stringers who are in Auki for an election media related training on Monday got to opportunity to learn about the new developments within the Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI).

The participants yesterday commenced a weeklong Election Media Training by learning about MASI’s revised Media Code of Ethics, Corporate Plan and Child Protection Policy.

MASI Project Officer Georgina Kekea said it is important for journalists and stringers to uphold the MASI code of conducts in the course of their duty to help them report fairly and accurately.

She said MASI is pleased to work closely with Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) and Strengthening the Electoral Cycle Project (SECSIP) to prepare journalists and MASI members for the upcoming National General Election.

“These are activities that MASI cannot shoulder by itself because MASI has been handicapped by lack of finance to carry out its role in ensuring professionalism in the media industry and has just been resuscitated with the help of donors,” Ms Kekea said.

She said MASI will continue to work closely with SIEC, SECSIP and donors and in collaboration with SIEC, to explore sustainability options for these activities in the future.

Journalists and stringers working in Malaita province yesterday were excited to learn about the latest MASI developments.

Some of them who are yet to be registered as members of MASI and Ms Kekea encouraged them to take the opportunity to sign up with the media umbrella body in the country.

In Auki