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Queens meet the press

06 October 2017
MEET OUR MSIP 2017 QUEENS: Mowish ANGIKI, Emily CHAN, Marisa SENIKAU, Gladys VASUNI, Vena-Liz LAI, Hephzibah KARIBULE, and Greimie EZRA.

THE SEVEN contestants for the Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP) 2017-2018 crown met the local press on Thursday.

The meeting with the press was their first public appearance following a restricted speech draw and photo exhibition at the Heritage Park Hotel on Wednesday.

Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP) Director Joyce Konofilia said the press conference was organised for the girls to introduce themselves and share their thoughts with the public.

They spoke mostly about their reasons for joining the MSIP contest and what they are expecting from this year’s show.

They also shared their views on the theme of this year’s pageant ‘Women in Peace and Harmony with Society.’

According to Ms Konofilia, the theme was chosen to coincide with Solomon Islands post-RAMSI and women’s contributions to sustaining peace in the society.

“Our women are the backbone of our families and society.  They play a critical role in ensuring there is peace and harmony in our society, in the business and political arena and all other walks of life.

“The objective is to encourage young women to respect and realise their potential in being part of a peaceful and harmonious society.

“The pageant is also for our young women to showcase their talents and gifts of being productive, beautiful and intelligent contributors to development and stability in our communities,” Ms Konofilia said.

“Furthermore, the pageant also provides a platform for the promotion of tourism as well as advancing the interest of local businesses that support women endeavours in the country,” the Pageant Director added.

This year’s MSIP will be staged on the 20th and 21st of this month.