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17 October 2017
Dr Sikua says some MPs think the passage of the ACB Bill will see them sleep in jail.

Dr Sikua says fear of ACB may delay passage


Leader of the Parliamentary Independent Group and Member of Parliament (MP) for North East Guadalcanal Dr Derek Sikua says growing fear of the Anti-Corruption Bill (ACB) may delay its passage.

He said this during his meeting with the Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Anti Corruption Committee yesterday.

Dr Sikua said one of the factors that may delay the Bill is the fears some MPs have for the Bill. He added that some MPs think the passage of the Bill will see them sleep in jail.

He said this notion has troubled some MPs, whose names are already with the police for investigation for corruption allegations.

The Independent Group leader said government may think of passing Corruption Bill just before Parliament dissolves in December 2018 but this does not even ease the fear of the petrified MPs.

Dr Sikua also said another possible situation that could happen is that the Bill can be passed but not gazetted and therefore will not come into force until the next government gazettes it.

He said this may happen and therefore urged the CSOs and the public to continue following on the progress on the submission of the Bill to parliament and ensure it is presented at the Second Reading Stage, passed and gazetted.

Dr Sikua said the Anti-Corruption Bill is the flagship of the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) government so Prime Minister is committed to have it tabled and passed although there is pressure from some of his ministers and backbenchers to hold on to it.

He reiterated that the passage of the Bill will set a clear direction for a good future for Solomon Islands as it will aggressively address corruption.

Dr Sikua stressed that an ‘Unexplained Wealth’ clause must be inserted into the Bill, adding this is important to complement all other clauses that already make up the bill.