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Rayboy lauds support for new dining hall

27 October 2017
MPA for Paripao Ward Mr Rayboy standing inside the newly built dining hall for Tenakoga Adventist College.

Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Paripao ward in Guadalcanal Province Andrew Rayboy has thanked  the Australian volunteers who helped to build a new dining hall for Tenakonga School.

Tenakonga Adventist College is situated in the highlands of North East Guadalcanal, about 14 kilometres  inland drive from the highway road.

Mr Rayboy told the Solomon Star that the construction of the new dining hall is a blessing for the school in its efforts to improve its infrastructures.

He said the volunteers from Australia came to build the school dining hall last month, under the funding from a group within the Seventh Adventist Church, led by Pastor Ray Eaton.

He said the dining hall, which is 525 square metres is now complete, with little work left to be done.

“This is a much needed building for the school since number of students recruited to do studies at Tenakonga continues to rise with increasing demand for facilities such as dining hall and libraries.”

He said the school does not only accommodates children from Tenakonga and the surrounding areas but from other provinces of the country.

Mr Rayboy expressed gratitude to Pastor Ray Eaton, his Australian volunteers and a group of students who were sent to the highlands of Guadalcanal to build the dining hall.

The MPA for Paripao ward said this is what he truly supports and wans to see happen within his ward, adding that his Member of Parliament (MP for North East Guadalcanal) is supportive of such development.

Mr Rayboy, who is also the Deputy Speaker of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly said Guadalcanal Province will continue to help improve the school for the benefit of children in Tenakonga and surrounding areas and also other children in the country.