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Rocky is Mr South Pacific

29 October 2017
Rocky Teklem with the head judge and SIBBF president Pius Mamae (R) as he was announced the 2017 Mr South Pacific. [Photo: Carlos Aruafu]

Historic feat for local body building


Rocky Teklem becomes the first Solomon Islander to win the Mr South Pacific Body Building overall winner title in the 2017 South Pacific Body Building Championship yesterday at Multipurpose Hall.

Teklem’s historic feat came after he out-scored other finalists that included athletes from New Caledonia, Tahiti and fellow Solomon Islanders who won gold in their various categories.

Speaking after the official announcement of the Mr South Pacific 2017, Teklem thanked the Almighty father for his victory.

“Firstly, I would like thank God for his strength because without him I won’t be crowned as the South Pacific champion,” he said.

“Also big thank you to my team mates and trainer’s who have been very supportive from the start,” the jubilant lad stated.

The Malaita part Temotu province native stated that it’s a proud moment for the country.

“It’s a special moment for me as a Solomon Islander.

“I am so proud to become the first body builder in the country to ever achieve this award.

“Now other Solomon Islands body-builders in future can use my achievement as a motivational landmark,” he stated.

Solomon Islands National Body Building Federation President, Pius Maemae said they were proud to host the 2017 South Pacific Body Building Championship.

“South Pacific brothers and sisters, Solomon Islands is so happy to host you this 23rd South Pacific Body Building Championship.

“It is our honour to host it for the first time. It’s a history for this country and it’s a history for body builders from the Solomon Islands,” Maemae said.

He also thanked the main sponsor, the national government, and the co-sponsor, Solrice.

Solomon Islands dominated majority of the categories as our athletes won quite a good number of medals.

Winners under each category:

Women’s winner - Trossel Lea, Gold Medallist, New Caledonia

Men’s junior winner - Kelesi Tome, Gold Medallist, Solomon Islands

Under 65kg winner - Jeffry Hou, Gold Medallist, Solomon Islands

Under 70kg winner – Rocky Teklem, Gold Medallist, Solomon Islands

Under 75kg winner – Sanmarso Nelson, Gold Medallist, New Caledonia

Under 80kig winner – Mataira Teripaia, Gold Medallist, Tahiti

Under 85kg winner – John Ima, Gold Medallist, Solomon Islands

Under 90kg winner- Shalvin Kali, Gold Medallist, Solomon Islands

Under 100kg winner – Brain Wadili, Gold Medallist, Solomon Islands

Over 100kg winner – Alani Latu, Gold Medallist, Tonga

Master winner – Amos Sui Senior, Gold Medallist, Solomon Islands

Overall physique winner – Kuaoleni Mercier, Gold Medallist, Tahiti