‘MOVES TO HALT BILL’ - Solomon Star News


30 October 2017
Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare

THE Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet says the real reason behind the mass resignation of Government Ministers is an attempt to halt the Anti-Corruption Bill (ACB) from getting into Parliament.

This follows the resignation of nine Government Ministers and nine Backbenchers over the weekend.

They claimed their reason for leaving was having lack of confidence in Sogavare’s leadership and for appointing his controversial nephew Robson Djokovic as chief of staff.

But last night, the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet through a statement disputed the reasons.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare through the statement said, in-spite of media reports citing various reasons for the resignations of the Ministers, those reasons were an attempt to disguise the underlying reasons for the move; the Anti-Corruption Bill (ACB).

“The move by some of the nine (9) Ministers was orchestrated in an attempt to derail the Anti-Corruption Bill which is due to be introduced in Parliament this week.

“Some of these resignations come as no surprise based on the fact that some of these same Ministers were responsible for undermining the progress of the ACB and the Opposition and Independent Parliamentary Groups have inadvertently aligned themselves with this agenda,” the Statement.

Its understood the ACB has been tabled in Parliament and is scheduled for Parliament this week.

The Prime Minister is confident and assures the nation DCCG will deliver on its promise.

“The DCC Government will not allow petty politics to hinder the delivery of the Anti-Corruption Bill. This is what the people want and DCCG will deliver the Anti-Corruption Bill,” Mr Sogavare further stated.

The Government is fully committed to ensure its policies are delivered and move forward in the national interest.

Meanwhile the DCCG last night claimed it remains rock solid and intact despite the recent resignation of the nine (9) government ministers.