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Govt cautions Renbel divers

30 October 2017
Recently confiscated beche-de-mer at the St. Nicholas area.

RENBEL entrepreneurs planning to dive the Indispensable reef for sea cucumbers are being told to apply for a permit license from the government through the Ministry of Fisheries.

Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries Ferral Lasi in an interview last week said that diving beche-de-mer at Renbel’s vast Indispensable reef requires a license.

“According to Fisheries Act, the type of dive activities conducted at Indispensable will fall under industrial fishing activities.

“There is a process to follow when applying for the license as the scale of operation at the reef is considered bigger.

“It covers the vessel type which is similar to long liners where smaller dinghy boats are dispersed to conduct diving then loading the harvest into the mother boat,” he explained.

Mr Lasi believed there is an abundance of sea cucumber harvest stock at the reef than the Malaita Outer Islands.

It is understand that few Renbel entrepreneurs have forwarded their request to the provincial administration for a permit to dive the great reef sometimes next month.

In the meantime, a proposed paper to extend the license exports and open season for this year is before the Cabinet.