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Ramohia: You can change govt but our vision must not be replaced

30 October 2017
Malaita premier, Peter Ramohia.

MALAITA Premier Peter Ramohia says a newly formed government must work along with their reform programs which includes, land reform and traditional governance.

He made the statement in light of the recent political upheaval which started over the weekend after nine members of the DCC Government tendered their resignation.

“I understand the current situation coming from our upper level leaders today.

“Though leaders come and go but our mission and vision for Malaita will stand.

“Our land reform policies and emphasis on traditional governance must be taken on board by a new government,” he said.

Mr Ramohia highlighted that this reformation are important to the future of Malaita.

“This two reform program put great emphasis on security and sustainability which is our way out from this stalled development projects.

“We will continue to push for its implementation with any new government or a coalition,” he said.

The Malaita Premier said the current leadership crisis is based on complex issues which let alone politics play.

In the meantime, more ministers are expected to tender their resignation soon.