31 October 2017
Police have recaptured two of the remand escapees Frank Firimolea and Eric Nathaniel Junior on Monday.

Police have recaptured two of the remand escapees yesterday and are now in police custody.

A statement from the Police Media Unit on Monday confirmed the recapture of Frank Firimolea and Eric Nathaniel Junior.

Both men were recaptured at different locations and time yesterday, the police statement revealed.

Erick Nathaniel Junior (Jnr) was recaptured early yesterday morning at Blue Flag, in the Mamara area, of North West Guadalcanal.

Supervising Assistant Commissioner, National Capital and Crime Prevention, Superintendent, Patricia Leta said, the successful recapture of Eric Junior was a result of an operation conducted by the police from Honiara City, Guadalcanal Province and other officers from Police Headquarters in Honiara including the Police Response team.

“The Police would like to thank members of the public for providing information one way or the other that assisted in the capture of the remand escapee.”

Superintendent Leta thanked all the officers who have been involved in the operation for their tireless efforts in successfully getting this escapee behind the bars.”

Superintendent Leta added Police have also taken in the wife of Eric Jnr for questioning on giving false information to the Police.

Both Eric Jnr and his wife are expected to appear before the Honiara Magistrates Court today.  Eric Jnr will be charged with one count of escape from lawful custody

Later in the afternoon the second escapee Frank Firimolea was recaptured at White River in West Honiara.

Both men escaped from lawful custody at the Honiara Central Magistrate Court on 18 October 2017 when the court ordered their remand after both men were charged with armed robbery.

It is alleged that the two men were involved in an armed home invasion at Panatina Ridge on Friday 13 October 2017.

 The police statement said, the Criminal Investigation Department of Police in Guadalcanal Province was investigating a store break-in at the Kauvare area over the weekend and were following information and leads which led them to the car in which Frank Firimolea was travelling.

“It was parked at the White River 02 bus stop. Police surrounded the car and found Firimolea inside,” said Supervising Deputy Commissioner, Operations, Gwen Ratu.

“The successful recapture of both escapees is the result of cooperation between the police and members of the community who came forward with information on the movement of the two men. Police applauds the public for this as it shows that people respect the rule of law in this country and will do all they can to protect it,” says Supervising Deputy Commissioner.

“I would also like to commend the determination of all those police officers involved in the operation to recapture the two escapees over past 12 days.

“The dedication of the officers means that people can now feel safe moving around our communities knowing too well the two escapees are now in police custody and will be processed through to the courts,” says Deputy Commissioner, Gwen Ratu.

Police will allege in court that Frank Firimolea and Eric Nathaniel Junior escaped from lawful custody.