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Maelanga: We lost confidence in PM

31 October 2017
Manasseh Maelanga

The Member of Parliament for East Malaita Manasseh Maelanga says the mass resignation of Ministers and Backbenchers from the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) was promoted by severe lack of confidence in the leadership of the Prime Minister.

Mr Maelanga resigned as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs last weekend along with eight other ministers and nine backbenchers.

“I wish to tell the nation that the mass resignation of Cabinet ministers and backbenchers from the government last weekend was solely prompted by severe lack of confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare,” Mr Maelanga conveyed through the Solomon Star.

He said suggestions that he and all other resigned Ministers and backbenchers left the government in fear of the Anti-Corruption Bill (ACB) is a are totally baseless as they all supported and passed the legislation when it was recently put to Caucus and Cabinet for consideration.

Mr Maelanga said rather the main reason for their resignation is the leadership style employed by the Prime Minister.

“The Prime Minister seems to be listening to certain Ministers and outsiders in his decision-making instead of consulting all Cabinet Ministers and all three Coalition partners in the Democratic Coalition for Change Government.”

Mr Maelanga said all resigned government MPs including himself will outline their reasons for deserting the DCCG when the motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister is tabled in Parliament next Monday.

By Deli Oso