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Exams papers done

01 November 2017
James Bosamata

PRINTING of the exam papers has already been completed this week and distribution is now underway.

Acting Permanent Secretary James Bosamata confirmed on Tuesday.

“Pacific Printers and Provincial Press have completed printing the 16 subjects.”

As such, education authorities will distribute the examination booklets to schools later this week and over the weekend.

“The papers will be sent to Provincial Education Authorities as soon as possible, depending on ship and flight schedules,” he said.

A Pacific Printer employee also confirmed to this paper yesterday that the printing has been completed.

Mr Bosamata said Provincial Press has already packaged and delivered the booklets to the Education office at Panatina.

But Mr Bosamata said Pacific Printers will not do the packaging of the papers as they haven’t sign up for the contract.

“National Examination Division (NEAD) of the Ministry will do the packaging of exam papers printed by Pacific Printers,” he said adding that the activity should be completed this week.

The Acting Education PS said most examinations (SIY9, SISC and SINF6SC) will start Monday 6th November, SISTA (selected schools) on Tuesday 7th November, SISE on Wednesday 8th November.

Standard 6, form 3, form 5 and form 6 examinations set for this week 30th October have been delayed after the government contracted printer- Pacific Printers failed to meet their deadline to complete printing the papers.

It is now rescheduled for 6th November, Monday next week.

When asked about the reports of leaked exam papers, Mr Bosamata said he only heard unofficial reports.

 “I heard of the rumors but an official report from the NEAD Management hasn’t reached my desk,” he said.

In the meantime, students are encouraged to continue their revision studies and parents/guardians to help them prepare for the exams.