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Queen prepares for Fiji show

01 November 2017
Miss Solomon Islands Emily Chan.

THE Newly crowned Miss Solomon Islands Emily Chan on Tuesday faced the media while expressing her plans and aspirations as she prepares for the Miss South Pacific Pageant in Fiji in four weeks time.

She said, as a eighteen year old lady, she is very young and she doesn’t have many experiences about all the sorts of issues in life but, with the strong, brave and talented people that she had in her team she is very much confident that she will go and represents Solomon Islands with a positive heart and mindset.

The Director of the Miss Solomon Islands Pageants Joyce Konofilia yesterday said, preparation in terms of costumes and other things have started.

“In the next three weeks probably we will not do much with any other activities, because we will just focus on preparation for the Miss South Pacific pageant, probably after we come back we can do a lot of activities”.

Maslyn Pio, Emily’s Chaperone also stated that, he is very grateful for Emily’s achievement.

“As the chaperone for the current Miss Solomon Islands, this is my second running and it’s another milestone for me, for being the same chaperone for the former miss Solomon islands Ms Camellia Grossmitt who comes second in the Miss South Pacific last year which is the highest place ever for Solomon islands.

“And I would like to emulate that feet to Emily to go one step better or two times better for us to actually bring back the crown to Solomon Islands.

 “We are preparing very hard, we having a lot of practice and trainings continuously putting it another level, Emily and I are working very hard, preparation is going very well with the rest of our team I’m so proud and I’m looking forward for the competition in Fiji.”

Mr Pio said they are not only going there to participate but to actually go there to win the crown for Miss Solomon Islands, because they want to make the country proud.

“Honiara Hotel has been putting a lot of support in our team’s preparation and there’s also a lot of love and care from the family towards Emily as she prepares for the Miss South Pacific Event in four weeks time,” he said.