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Opposition: we support ACB

01 November 2017

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has clarified that the current political situation has not changed their overwhelming support for the Anti-Corruption Bill.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Opposition said they fully support the progress of the Bill and they will continue to support it.

The Opposition Group also referred to former DPM Manasseh Maelanga and former Planning Minister Danny Phillip’s explanation in the Solomon Star as the basis of the Government MPs mass resignation.

“We want to clarify that our position on the Bill remains intact and we will continue to support it.

“The mass resignation by the Government MPs to the Opposition has nothing to do with the ACB.

“In fact, it is because Government MPs are fed up with the Prime Minister’s leadership style and how his nephew Robson Djokovic is running the Government.

“We would not have accepted the defected group if the reason was because they do not support the Bill.”

The Opposition has called on the Prime Minister to stop misleading the public and use the ACB to try and garner public support.