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Police to step up security during presidential visit

01 November 2017
Police Commissioner, Matthew Varley.

More than 200 officers from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) are involved in a security operation during the presidential visit of the President of the Republic of China (ROC), Taiwan.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley told journalists at his weekly conference that they have an extensive security plan developed to ensure that the visit is risk and trouble free.

“From before the President arrives through to when she leaves, we will be mounting a 24/7 operations,” Mr Varley said.

Mr Varley said they will have a Police Operation Centre established at the Rove Police Headquarters and Forward Command Post at Honiara and at Henderson.

The president of the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan Dr Tsai Ing-wen and her delegation will arrive in Honiara today for a three days visit.

“It is a very significant visit for the government,

“We have an extensive security plan that has been developed to ensure that the visit is risk and trouble free,” Mr Varley told journalists.

The police chief added his officers are relying on a lot of training and a lot of experiences from past events including the end of RAMSI operation and are therefore well practised and well experienced for this presidential visit.

He said about 60 officers from the RSIPF will also be mounting a full ceremonial guard of honour for the arrival and departure at the airport.

Mr Varley added that the operation will involve police from across the city including Honiara and Guadalcanal Province including the Traffic officers, Maritime officers, the National Response and Close Protection Unit, Police Response Team, the Explosive Ordinances Team, the Intelligence and Investigations from the Criminal Investigation Department and the National Intelligence Department, and also officers from behind the scenes with logistics and cooperate support.

“It is important for the public to be aware that the operation will involve a large number of traffic escorts across the city, both from airport to Honiara tomorrow (today) and across Honiara on Thursday and back out to airport on Friday.”

Mr Varley further added that since there will be a large motorcade because there are a lot of officials accompanying the president to Honiara, he asked for the community to understand that some of the disruption will occur.

“The community will notice a large motorcade, including traffic escorts, security cars, and VIP vehicles and as a result will experience some delays in and around Honiara in next two to three days.

“I ask the cooperation of public to be aware of that and appeal the public’s patience nd assistance.

He said where they can; they will make the escorts and the motorcade run as smoothly as possible.

During visit, the President will also pay visit to the Governor General and also address Parliament on Friday, of which, police will provide security at those two venues including here in the city.