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26 medical interns to graduate from the National Referral Hospital

03 November 2017

The first group of Cuban-trained medical graduates complete training

The NRH will hold a ceremony on Friday 3 November 2017 to mark the graduation of 26 new doctors who will finish their clinical internship by the end of 2017, and begin work as registrars.

Nineteen of the group began their journey to become doctors in 2008, when they went to Cuba to study medicine for seven years. Since arriving home in 2014, they have spent a further three years - including a bridging year - as interns increasing their knowledge and learning clinical skills to meet the particular health needs of the Solomon Islands.

The other seven graduates studied in Fiji, and began their internship at the NRH in 2015.

All medical graduates , whether trained in the Pacific Region or outside it ( except University of PNG graduates), are required to do an intern training program in the Solomon Islands before they are fully registered by the Solomon Islands Medical & Dental Board to practice medicine in Solomon Islands.

All interns undertook a 14-week rotation each in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Paediatrics, while they learned the required skills and professional practices. Shorter rotations were spent in Orthopaedics, Anaesthetics, Ophthalmology, Medical Imaging, Emergency Medicine as well as a placement in a rural or regional healthcare facility.

With these skills, the new registrars are set to begin their careers working as medical officers in provincial hospitals and health clinics, or to undertake further study to become consultants in specialist areas, such as Paediatrics or Surgery.

The Chief Executive Officer of the NRH, Dr Steve Aumanu, said:

"The large numbers of trainees has placed significant pressure on the National Referral Hospital, mainly through the limited number of supervisors available to support the interns. However, the variety and number of patients makes the NRH an ideal training facility for junior doctors."