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03 November 2017
Manasseh Maelanga

Maelanga assures Taiwan of support


THE Solomon Islands-Taiwan relationship will be maintained even if the Sogavare-led Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) is ousted from office through the motion of no confidence scheduled for Monday.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Manasseh Maelanga made the assurance to the visiting Taiwanese media outside parliament yesterday.

The Taiwan media accompanying President Dr Tsai Ing-wen on her two-day visit in Honiara are well aware that Mr Maelanga has resigned and is now part of the group bidding to oust Mr Sogavare in a vote of no-confidence.

He was asked whether Solomon Islands relationship with Taiwan will continue should a new government emanate from the motion.

“We will always treasure the relationship between Taiwan and Solomon Islands,” Mr Maelanga replied.

“I think that is a number one priority that any government will always treasure because it is a longstanding relationship based on the fundamental principles of human rights and democracy.

“I think that if any new government is formed on Monday it  will continue to maintain that relationship,” Mr Maelanga assured.

Mr Maelanga, who resigned from the DCCG Government last weekend, along with eight other ministers and nine backbenchers, told the Taiwanese media that for him personally, his resignation was prompted by the lack of confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Sogavare.

When asked why he lost trust and confidence in the Prime Minister’s leadership, the East Malaita MP said he will outline the reasons when he moves the motion of no confidence.

Mr Maelanga added that his exit from the government has nothing to do with the Anti-Corruption Bill as some people perceive.

“I wish to make it clear to the media and the world that the mass resignation of MPs from the government last weekend has nothing to do with the anti-corruption bill.

“Each of us has his own reasons for losing trust and confidence in the leadership of the Prime Minister and therefore I cannot collectively speak for us all.

“But for myself as the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, I no longer have trust and confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister and I have my own reasons to share when I move the motion of no confidence in Parliament on Monday.”