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Ete says time up for DCCG

07 November 2017
Member of Parliament (MP) for East Honiara Douglas Ete says the government has had enough of the three year reign to destroy the country. [File Photo]

Member of Parliament (MP) for East Honiara Douglas Ete says the government have enough of the three years reign to destroy the country, so don’t give them the remaining 10 months.

Ete stressed this in parliament on Monday after presenting his lengthy remarks to outline the failures and destruction caused by the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) government.

Ete said the economy of the country has gone from bad to worse, with serious cash flow crisis that continues to suffocate the nation from moving forward.

Arguing, priority development areas targeted in the government policy has been ignored and left un-visited for three years.

Ete said three years is enough for the damage of this country therefore DCC regime must not allowed the remaining months to cause further devastation to the country.

He said DCC government has deviated from its policy and busy to spend money on things that will not take this country forward.

Ete said it is enough to destroy this nation thus the remaining months is not allowed to add more spoils to Solomon Islands.

Adding the new government must step in the remaining month to salvage this country from further destruction.