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Call for calm amidst political situation

07 November 2017
Police Comissioner Matthew Varley

The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) is appealing to the members of the public especially in Honiara, to remain calm as the country’s national politicians vote on a new government according to the National Constitution.

“Let me make it clear that the RSIPF takes no side in the politics of this country. The Police are independent of politics. Police serve the people of this nation and uphold the law at all times,” said Commissioner of Police, Matthew Varley last night.

“Polis blo iu (Your Police) has been deployed in and around Honiara city to ensure the rule of law is observed and no one takes the law into their own hands. Solomon Islands is a democratic country and the democratic processes must be allowed to take their course in  the country,” said Commissioner Varley.

He adds: “Freedom of speech, which is the corner stone of any democracy, must be exercised with a greater responsibility during these times.

“The RSIPF appeals to anyone who may have any information about groups or individuals who might be planning to carry out any illegal activities to take advantage of the current political situation to contact the police on the emergency toll free phone 999,” said Mr Varley.”

The Police will deal sternly with anyone who might be planning to disturb law and order in the coming days.