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Ousted PM on shipping grant

08 November 2017

CARETAKER Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says the shipping grant paid out to some Members of Parliament (MP) have been abused.

He was speaking in Parliament on Monday before he was removed from office during a vote of motion of no confidence.

He told Parliament that around SBD700 millions was given to MPs to buy ships.

“Instead some MPs pay logging machines. Is this not a crime?

 “Or how, bulldozer and ship same thing??

He alleged a Member of Parliament had also asked a business man seeking $2million for boat repair to increase that amount by $3million so that he can get the $1million as commission.

Mr Sogavare said this are some of the corrupt moves that has been going on with the shipping grant.

Meanwhile the ousted Prime Minister has told Parliament that a new company will take-over from Huawei to carry out the undersea cable.

“It’s no longer Huawei. We have a better deal right from Australia.”

He said it is a quarter of the price cheaper with all upfront costs to be taken up by Australia.

 According to the MP for East Choiseul, the cable will still run from Australia.

Its understood Government initially signed an agreement with Huawei to carry out the cable project from Sydney to Honiara but it that was rejected by Australia for security reasons.

The government then opted for another alternative which is to pull the cable from Indonesia.

Given the new deal it is expected work on the project will soon roll.