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Maoro Christian Community School take ownership of new building complex

08 November 2017
Maoro Christian Community High School's new administration and library complex. [Photo: Biri'au Wilson Saeni]

Maoro Christian Community High School in Central Kwara’ae in Malaita province has taken ownership of a new building complex that will house its first-ever admin office and library.

The new building complex wa officially handed over to the Maoro school administration during a ceremony held at the school compound on Monday.
The Malaita Provincial Deputy Premier Alick Maeaba handed over the new office and library complex to the Maoro School principal Ellison Sau in the presence of the Malaita Provincial Secretary Jackson Gege, Malaita Education Authority CEO Andy Siarani and KB Builders representative Paul Kwana.
The handing over ceremony on Monday witnessed by Maoro students, teachers, parents, guardians, and members of public who turn up in numbers to witness the official handing over of the new office and library complex.
This is the first time in history for the school to have owned such high standard building complex where the Malaita Deputy Premier Mr. Maeaba told the school that they are lucky to have that building built in their school.
“There are 33 wards in Malaita province and all the wards need this piece of development in their schools, you are very fortunate to have this building in your school,” he said.
“This building is a gift to this school and community, take ownership of it and look after it,” he added.
The new office and library complex was funded through the Provincial Government Strengthening Project (PGSP) and built by the KB Builders.
Both the school office and library costs almost half- a million dollars to complete.

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