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Lasi reaches out to Baegu/Asifola

09 November 2017
Some of the participants and facilitators pose for a group photo after the workshop. [Photo: Bira'au Wilson Saeni]

THE Literacy Association of Solomon Islands (LASI) has recently conducted a basic literacy teacher training in the Baegu Asifola constituency in Malaita Province.

Participants in the two-week workshop held from October 23 to November 3 were from Fouia, Sulufou, Adatolo, New Rove, Ngoliana, Foufo and Aenamago.

The workshop venue was held at the Usuusue Catholic Mission Station.

Facilitator Libo Idufanoa told the Solomon Star office in Auki that the participants were satisfied with the workshop as they learned new approaches to teaching literacy.

“The teachers who attended the training were excited about the new skills they acquired.

“They expressed confidence to go back and start literacy classes straight away for their respective communities,” he said.

Mr Idufanoa said the Literacy Association Solomon Islands (LASI) funded the workshop.

LASI is the leading NGO providing literacy services to communities throughout the country.

Mr Idufanoa said in its partnership arrangement with communities, LASI will provide within the three years of its engagement three sets of training workshops and they are the basic teacher training, advanced training and a refresher training respectively.

“LASI will also provide teaching materials to support the curriculum and provide small start-up materials for learners.

“With that, LASI representatives will do two annual monitoring visits to the community schools for further coaching and support,” he said.

Mr Idufanoa said the communities are expected to support their own teachers and set up a committee to look after their schools.

“The communities are reasonable for finding a class space and looking after teachers and monitoring them during visits and contributing food during training programmes,” he added.

He said most of the communities will start classes after the Christmas holidays.

One participant, a retired agricultural field officer, Mike Tago after attending the two weeks workshop said he will not retire until all the adults in his community are able to read and write.

The programme will run only for two days a week and two hours daily day for the duration of 12 weeks before the next training.

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