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Radiographers mark day

09 November 2017
Dr Gregory Jilini Under Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

RADIOGRAPHERS at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) Radiography Medical Imaging Department (X-ray) celebrated the World Radiography Day on Wednesday.

The day marks the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895 andradiographersthe world over including Solomon Islands capitalise on the event to promote radiography as a vital contributor to modern health care.

Under Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Dr Gregory Jilini said Solomon Islands celebration of the event reflects on the important role that imaging or radiologic services play in the country when it was first established 72 years ago.

“Today we have more sophisticated forms of medical imaging modalities. They are based on the recognition that body parts absorb a beam of x-rays according to their density producing images that allow identification of internal and body structures as well as the recognition of abnormalities reflective of injury and disease conditions.

“Today, we mark this day not only to recognise the pivotal role imaging services play in the diagnosis and management of many diseases and conditions but to also consider how improvement of these services could be sustained and better delivered in the country.”

Dr Jilini said two Australian High Commission projects in radiography being implemented include provisions of x-ray scan services, adding that the need for these services is clear.

He said one of the reasons why patients bypass clinics and go straight to provincial hospitals and NRH is the lack of diagnostic capability.

Dr Jilini added that to post doctors to Area Health Centres without basic diagnostic support such as x-ray could generate more referrals which may be good but will forfeit the objective of taking services closer to the people, thus improving early diagnosis and cutting back on unnecessary referrals.

As such, he recommended the government through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to provide more basic diagnostic support, including x-ray and posting of more doctors to areas health centres to generate more referrals.

Dr Jilini thanked the Head of Imaging Department Mr Sendah Savakana and radiographers throughout the country for ensuring that imaging services in all hospitals continue to develop and support clinicians in the management of patients to save lives.