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DPP to review Sae’s verdict

10 November 2017
Ronald Bei Talasasa

Director of Public Prosecutions Ronald Bei Talasasa will be reviewing the verdict of former fugitive Edmond Sae who has been acquitted of the murder of former police commissioner Sir Frederick Soaki.

Mr Talasasa said he will review the judgment and determine in the next two weeks whether or not, to appeal the verdict.

“I will also meet with the family to explain the verdict and the process from here on,” Mr Talasasa said.

He however said the court must be respected and allow the processes of law be fully exhausted. 

“I will decide in the next two weeks.”

Mr Talasasa said he will take into account the entire decision, including the manslaughter conviction pronounced at the ‘No Case to Answer Stage,’ as well as other matters on sentence which took into account time spent in custody.

“It is a decision that will have to be taken properly. 

“The appeal period is 30 days from the date of judgement, so I have time to consider,” Mr Talasasa said.

Sae was acquitted of the murder of the murder of Sir Frederick due to inconsistencies of the evidences from Crown witnesses.

Witnesses were also not able to identify Sae as the masked gun man who shot Sir Frederick on the early evening of 10 February 2003 at Auki Motel in Malaita.

 Justice John Brown having acquitted Sae of Sir Frederick’s murder, however, found him guilty of the manslaughter of a prisoner at the Auki Police Station on 30 April 2003.

Sae escaped from police custody on 22 April 2003 after he was arrested for the murder of Sir Frederick.

A week later, he went to the Auki Police Station where he fired gun shots which resulted in the death of a prisoner who was hit by a bullet.

At Auki police station, he fired shots which resulted in the death of a prisoner.

Sae was recaptured in 2015 in Malaita.

The verdict on Wednesday came after a lengthy trial that commenced in February this year.

The trial has been conducted in a closed court from the media and the public due to fears expressed by prosecution witnesses.

The hearing of evidences in this trial continued on throughout the year except during the months of the Court of Appeal sittings and few other times when counsels were not available.

It finally ended on October 10.

Howard Lawry and Ben Alasia of Public Solicitor’s office represent Sae while the Director of Public Prosecution Ronald Bei Talasasa and his counsel Margaret Suifa’asia are prosecuting.