OUR NEW PM - Solomon Star News


16 November 2017
Solomon's new Prime Minister, Rick Hou.

The country now has a new Prime Minister (PM).

Small Malaita Member of Parliament Rick Hou was declared our PM elect by mid-morning on Wednesday.

Mr Hou bagged a total of 33 votes ahead of his only rival, John Moffat Fugui who managed 16 votes. A vote was deemed invalid.

The result has been warmly welcomed by locals back in the country and abroad.

His victory has ensured most of the former Democratic Coalition of Change Government (DCCG) MPs are back in power to retain their positions.

Hou in his inaugural speech outlined a number priorities that his government will move into address.

Shortly after his victory, he took his oath as the Prime Minister at the Government House.

The line up of his Ministers is expected to be announced soon.