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Govt MPs commissioned

27 November 2017
Prime Minister Rick Hou addresses the congregation.

PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela, his Cabinet Ministers and Members of his Government were commissioned at the SSEC Central Church on Sunday morning.

The Church service was attended by Church reps, senior government officials and members of the public.

Delivering the sermon during the occasion, Rev Roy Funu challenged leaders to work together for the good of the country.

Reverend Funu delivered a strong message on the story of Joseph and how God has ordained him with leadership qualities when he ruled Egypt.

Reverend Funu also reminded leaders on the importance of godly leadership and the responsibility expected by leaders to serve the people with honesty and humility.

Pastor Geoffrey Alacky speaking on behalf of the Church associations in the country, stressed the importance of Churches and the Government working together.

He also challenged Churches and the Government to make Solomon Islands a better place for its children.

“Let us make other nations see us as a role model for them,” Pastor Alacky said.

Prime Minister Hou during the service, took the opportunity to thank the Churches for their prayers.

“I acknowledge the steadfast dedication in prayerful support to the Government and it is only fitting to give all praise and honor back to our Almighty God for answering our prayers,” he said.

Prime Minister Hou has described the ceremony as special and solemn.

“It is a ceremony done in the presence of almighty God and through the name of Jesus the King of Kings, the one who was, who is, and who is to come. It is awesome; only His grace alone could make it happen,” An emotional Prime Minister Hou said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hou has encouraged his Government Members as well as those in leadership to take their leadership roles seriously.

“When God has given you a duty to perform, He has also given you the right talents to perform your duties,” Prime Minister Hou said.