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The ninth Premier’s Conference opening today

27 November 2017
Provincial premiers attending a church service on Sunday in Auki, Malaita province.

The ninth Premier’s Conference is set for its formal opening in the Malaita Provincial capital of Auki today.

The Malaita Provincial Premier Peter Ramohia officially opened the ninth Premier’s Conference with the theme “Resourcing Provincial Infrastructure for Vibrant Economic Development,” at 9am on Monday.

Speaking to the Solomon Star office in Auki on Sunday afternoon, premier Ramohia said his province is ready to host the 2017 ninth Premiers conference this week.

He said hosting the ninth premiers conference today is a milestone achievement for Malaita province as it will be the first time in history for Malaita to host the Premiers Conference.

Ramohia who believes hosting of the Premiers Conference today in Malaita is a mile stone achievement said hosting the premier’s conference in 2017 is special because it will marks the end of the first cycle of the Premier’s Conference.

He said after Rennel first hosted the premier’s conference back in 2007 in Lake Tengano, other provinces have had their turns of hosting the great event over the years and today Malaita province has the privilege to be the last province to host the event to complete the cycle of nine.

Premiers from other provinces and their provincial government representatives have already arrived in Auki over the weekend to be part of the official program today.

Premiers from other provinces and their provincial government representatives yesterday joined the Malaita premier and members of the Malaita Provincial Government in a combine church fellowship at the Ambu church.

In the meantime, the Solomon Islands newly elected Prime Minister Rick Hou is expected to arrive on a flight to Auki this morning to be part of the ninth Premiers conference.

In Auki