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A call to reactivate Avu-Avu Police post

29 November 2017
Vice President of PWDSI, Casper Fa'asala.

A FORMER Councillor of Peace and Monitoring Council Casper Joseph Fa’asala calls on responsible authorities to reactivate the police post at AvuAvu.

He made the appeal in response to recent incidents of rape and murder in the Weathercoast area of Guadalcanal.

Mr Fa’asalas aid this issues and conflicts will never stop; it has been going on for long since it started during the ethnic tension way back in 2000.

The former councillor said people of Weather coast especially women and children have been victims following these social unrest, some of them are still traumatised.

“Police post is now a need in that region to monitor recent uprisings and growing conflicts that will cause fear for people in Weather coast.

“Reconciliation as a process of healing was not completely done among different families, tribes, churches and communities.

“Weathercoast is still isolated and peace in the area remains fragile.”

He is calling on to the government through the Ministry of Police National Security and Correctional Services and the Police Commissioner to consider reactivating the Avu-Avu police post so that police can do their work there to monitor law and order.