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Health data management policies needed

29 November 2017
Ronney Kenitahana presenting his research findings during the Natioanl Health Symposium at SINU lecture theatre hall.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services lacks data management policies and need to legislate relevant Act to safeguard it.

It also lacks of data protection legislation for privacy purposes.

These are the research findings presented during the National Health symposium held in Honiara this week by one of the local academics, Ronney Kenitahana who just completed his Master’s degree program on health informatics.

Mr Kenitahana who did extensive research on Electronic Health Records (EHR) said that it’s about high time that the country needs the implementation of HER system in the country.

He added that most of the health information at the hospital are mainly paper based and are prone to damage.

“The government should plan for development of Data Protection Act for protection of privacy and personal data.”

He recommended that following to for the government to take into consideration;

* Establishment of National Health Identifier System;
* Legislations and Policies;
* Strengthen relationship with partners;
* Infrastructure and Expertise especially on ICT;
* Local clinical data content management;
* Coding and Terminology Training.

Mr. Kenitahana added that the technology is here, but it needs planning and commitment.

MHMS must develop a Health IT (eHealth) strategy to govern systems development, overall integration framework & direction.

Meanwhile Minister for Health, Dr. Tautai Angikimua Kaitu’u said the country needs more research expertise as a way forward for Solomon Islands to point out pressing issues and arras needs immediate attention.