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Students boycott exams

02 December 2017

KING George Sixth School students boycotted their end year examinations on Thursday, as they called on authorities to reinstate their suspended principal and his deputy.

The school’s principal Samuel Fangata and his Deputy Johnny Tasa were suspended on Wednesday to allow the Ministry of Education to investigate the allegations against them.

This has prompted the students to boycott their exams in protest of the decision made by the Ministry of Education.

The Permanent Secretary the Ministry of Educational and Human Resources Dr Franco Rodie and his Under Secretary Ambrose Malefoasi have to intervene and held a meeting with the student leaders and the Interim Principal Robert Manekaea yesterday

Mr Manekaea when asked about the outcome of their meeting said he cannot comment, adding any decision should come from the ministry.

But school head boy Athur Okai said they have held discussions with Dr Rodie, Mr Malefoasi and Mr Manekaea and have settled the issue.

He said the students will resume their end year examinations on Monday after receiving assurance from the permanent secretary to look at their demand.

He said they have boycotted the exams only to express their concern over the decision to suspend their principal and his deputy.

“So the only way that we can express our concern is to boycott our exams,” Mr Okai said.

Dr Rodie said he had spoken with the student leaders and advised them that they have the right to express what they wanted to do in relation to the current issue.

“I gave them options to think about and it is up to them to decide what is good for them.”

He said he also advised the interim principal on how he should diffuse the tension amongst teachers and students.

“I advised the students should not be victimised and be given the opportunity to complete their exams and the term.”

He said from his meeting with student’s leaders, there is anecdotal evidence implicating few teachers may be behind the action that students wish to take.

Several students also expressed their concerns saying they did not see any wrong doings with the school principal because there has been a lot of improvements been done under his leadership.

They said what they are disappointed about is the process of how the petition was initiated and the timing of the decision to suspend Mr Fangata and Mr Tasa.

They said the decision to suspend them should have been done after they completed their end year exam.