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05 December 2017

Man lost left leg in knife attack in East Fataleka

In Auki

A MAN has lost a leg and two fingers in an early morning attack in Aifa village, East Fataleka, Malaita province.

The victim was allegedly attacked by a group of men armed with bush knives who sustained severe injuries which left him without his left leg and two of his fingers. 

Initial report claimed, the armed men entered Aifa village yesterday morning and started attacking the victim without any warning. 

According to report, the victim returned after using the village toilet when he saw men armed with bush knives surrounded his house. 

The victim then try to negotiate with the armed men but they refused to listen and subsequently attacked him at his doorsteps with the bush knives injuring his leg and hand.

The victim who is said to be from Baegu totally lost his left leg and two fingers in an attack which was described as very ‘brutal.’

Information received claimed that the motive behind the brutal attack is an unsolved land related issue between the two parties.

The victim's family bought a piece of land where they settled from the landowners some years ago.

However, the group that attacked the victim claimed they are the rightful landowners.

They also tortured the home of the family that sold the land to the victim’s family.

Earlier this year, the same group of men attacked the younger son of the victim when returning from school and the attack yesterday was the second attack on the same family.  

In the meantime, the Malaita Provincial Police Commander Timothy Apaesi confirmed the attack and said Auki police is making arrangements to get to the area as soon as possible. 

“Yes, the Auki police are aware of the attack incident in East Fataleka where an adult male from Baegu sustained serious injuries to his leg and hands,” PPC Apaesi said.

“We are now making arrangements to get to the area and arrest those who are responsible for the unlawful attack to face justice,” he added. 

The PPC said, two people were injured in the attack and said the one from Baegu was badly injured while the one from Fataleka only sustained minor injuries. 

For now, Mr. Apaesi is calling on the two parties not to take laws into their own hands, as police is now aware of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Malaita Provincial Health Director Dr. Henry Kako confirmed the attack after Malu’u Area Health Center informed Kilu’ufi Hospital of the attack and the seriousness of the injury sustained.

Dr. Kako said the victim yesterday morning was rushed to Malu’u Area Health Center on an OBM for medical treatment.

He said if Malu’u is not capable of treating the victim then the victim will be refereed to Kilu’ufi hospital for further treatment.

According to information received from Ata'a yesterday afternoon, the situation is now tense between the attackers who are from Fataleka and the relative of the victim from Baegu.

The report received stated if police is not stepping in quickly to take control of the situation, the chances for a retaliating attack is high as the two parties are close neighbors.  

People living along the Baegu and East Fataleka border are now calling on the police to act quickly to resolve the issue before it gets out of hand.



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