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Bad weather delays Dash8 landing

05 December 2017
The Dash-8 aircraft. [File photo]

POOR visibility caused by strong wind and heavy rain on Monday evening around 6pm in Honiara yesterday had forced a scheduled flight operated by Solomon Airlines Dash8 aircraft to delay its landing at the Honiara international airport.

The flight was returning from the Western province when the weather suddenly changed bringing in more strong wind and heavy showers.

Due to poor visibility the aircraft could not land and kept circling above the Henderson airport for nearly 30 minutes.

Those living around the Henderson could only hear the sound of the aircraft going back and forth during the bad weather.

It was when the wind subsided and the dark clouds moved away that the aircraft was able to land just after 6pm much to the relief of the passengers.

The two commanding officers have been praised for their professionalism during the situation.




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