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Auki Police appeal for calm

06 December 2017

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Malaita Province has appealed to people in the province not to take the law into their own hands but allow their community leaders or the police should they have any issues to resolve.

“I am making this call after several incidences happened in the province during the past week including an unlawful wounding case, assault causing bodily harm, a case of grievous bodily harm, a wilful and unlawful damage case and several cases of domestic violence,” said the Provincial Police Commander, Malaita Province, Superintendent, Timothy Apaesi.

“I strongly believe that all these cases would not have arisen resulting unfortunately in victims being injured, damage to proper and the lives of families disrupted if the alleged perpetrators did not take the law into their own hands and invited police or church and communities to sit down and discuss whatever disagreements there was and reach some amicable resolution,” said PPC Apaesi.

Police in Malaita Province are currently investigating an unlawful wounding case at Aevisia Village on Manaoba Islands, North Malaita during which a suspect cut the victim with a bush knife on the forehead, right arm and behind the left leg after the victim swore at the suspect.

In retaliation the victim and his relatives attacked the assailant with stones and a steel rod injuring the suspect in his left arm.

“This case of someone swearing at another person could have easily been resolved by sitting down with community leaders and working out a solution accepted by both parties.

“But as a result of taking the law into their own hands, two people have received injuries and both the victim and suspect will now face charges in court,” said PPC Apaesi.

The Malaita PPC urges people in the province to assist police prevent crime affecting their communities by using community leaders to help resolve whatever disputes arise among themselves.