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RSIPF needs both male and female officers to drive the Force forward

07 December 2017
Ronald Chite

“I came into the force because I wanted a job that can challenge me, and I wanted to do a job worthwhile in helping others to make a difference and provide a better life for my fellow citizens,” says Sergeant Ronald Chite of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

Thirty-three-year old Sergeant Chite is from Western and Choiseul provinces and has served in the RSIPF for 10 years.

During his service, he was posted in various departments of the Force including the general duties at the Honiara Central and White River Police Stations. He also served in the RSIPF Liquor Unit located at the Honiara Central Police Station as well as posted to the Honiara International Airport.  Chite was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2016 and is currently Staff Officer to the Assistant Commissioner, National Capital and Community Policing at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara.

“Many changes have taken place in the RSIPF since I joined. One of the major changes is that more female officers have been recruited and there are more women who have made it to the middle and senior ranks of the Force because of their commitment, passion and dedication to their jobs,” says Sergeant Chite.

He adds: “Given my experience of working alongside some female officers, they play an important role in policing and are most supportive in most situations such as dealing with victims of domestic violence, the majority of which are women and children. These victims find it easier to talk to female police officers compared to their male colleagues.”

“However at times female officers also face certain challenges in their line of duty but what impresses me is how they are able to muster the courage to overcome these challenges. I respect my female colleague officers who have the passion to discharge their duties professionally,” says Sergeant Chite.

Sergeant Chite encourages women to join the RSIPF as there are certain tasks including dealing with issues regarding women and children especially the implementation of the Family Protection Act that they have the trust of the public to deal with.

“But at the end of the day, we need both female and male RSIPF officers to work together to drive this Force forward for the betterment of our nation,” says Sergeant Chite.




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