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Only five PAs remain

08 December 2017

Only five Political Appointees (PA) serving during the term of the former government remained with the Rick Hou-led administration today, after the second bunch of PAs joined the 31 that left two weeks ago.

This was confirmed to the Solomon Star by a terminated PA who received his marching orders last week.

The terminated PA said only five PAs serving during the term of the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) government were held back by the current regime.

He said, the two work in the policy unit, two in the Caucus and one in logistic.

Revealing that the rest of the PAs which totaling to more than 50 of them were shown the exit door.

“I left office last week so I have no idea of any newly appointed PAs,” he told the Solomon Star.

He also clarified there is a clause stipulated in the contract of all PAs, clearly stating that change of a new Prime Minister (PM) will automatically disqualify them from their position as PAs.

“Since the change of Prime Minister our salaries and entitlements were ceased,” he added.

However, rumours have surfaced in the Social Media that more than 40 PAs were approved by Caucus this week.

Which means that PM’s promise to get rid of unproductive PAs as a way forward to cut costs on government expenditures is merely propaganda to attain power.

But Assistant Press Secretary to the Prime Minister (PM) Alex Akwai said they are not aware of any new bunch of PAs appointed to work in the PMO.

Assuring, he will get back once confirming the number of new PAs approved by Caucus, but at the moment no official announcement of the new PAs as yet.

The first three PAs appointed by the PM when he took office last month were Douglas Marau, John Usuramo and Leban Honimae.

Thus, the rumour that Caucus had approved more than 40 PAs is still not confirmed at this stage.

The PM was in Bekabeka in Gatokae, Marovo Lagoon, Western province yesterday to attend Western province’s second appointed day celebration.



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