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More GP CITREC graduates in Canada

19 December 2017
Patrick Biru [R] being handed his work permit by CITREC Chairman Ashwant Dwivedi at Canadian Immigration Processing Center in Vancouver, Canada. [Photo: CITREC Canada]

Vancouver, CANADA: TWO more Graduate’s of Guadalcanal Province & Canadian International Training & Education Corp [CITREC] program have been admitted into Canada with opportunity for jobs and Permanent Residence nomination.

Grace Delight Sutahi arrived in Canada late last week and was granted Canadian nomination for Permanent Residence.

Ms. Delight is employed as a cook and joins two more Guadalcanal CITREC graduates Amelia Muse and Careka Volly who were the first two Guadalcanal people to be granted Canadian nomination for permanent residence late August of this year.

On Monday afternoon Patrick Biru arrived at Canada’s Vancouver International Airport and received his Work Permit for 24 months.

CITREC Chairman Ashwant Dwivedi who was accompanied by Canadian Immigration Counsel to meet and hand over immigration documents to Mr. Biru said that “CITREC-GP partnership has collectively achieved positive results for the people of Guadalcanal Province and Solomon Islands.

“Through our partnership we have strengthened Guadalcanal Provinces Human Resources Policy beyond the Provincial level where we have seen Guadalcanal Province becoming a positive economic contributor to Canada’s workforce and economy. When Canadian employers think about hiring workers they think of GP.

“This was not the case before, but our partnership is providing Canadian employers with the opportunity to hire job ready CITREC-GP graduate,” Chairman Dwivedi said.

Patrick Biru said he still does not believe that he is in Canada and that he has been presented with the opportunity to be employed.

Mr. Biru met his Canada employer and told him he is ready to take on the job.

“I am committed to delivering to the best of my ability to prove myself. I am job ready,” Mr. Biru told his Canadian employer.

“Let me assure you that I will to the best of my ability deliver to your expectations, a happy Mr. Biru said. He further added that CITREC partnership is bringing hope in people of Guadalcanal.

“It is just because of CITREC’s partnership with Guadalcanal province that I am employed and I am here in Canada today. I thank the Chairman Mr. Dwivedi his staff for all the support. Wow I am finally in Canada. Thank you CITREC,” Mr. Biru said soon after receiving his work permit.

To thank his employer, Mr. Biru also presented him with a shell necklace saying “By presenting this necklace I have found a new friend in Canada. Please accept this on-behalf of the people of Guadalcanal,” Mr. Biru said.

Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke said that his government is pleased with the progress of CITREC’s partnership with the Province.

“To-date just since August of this year through CITREC’s partnership with GP 7 Guadalcanal persons including dependants have received their Permanent residence nomination. Three principle applicants are already in Canada and their families will be soon joining them.

“Then we have 4 workers on work permit.  In total we have 11 persons qualified under this partnership. This is a great achievement for my province and its people,” Premier Veke said.

Premier Veke before the departure of both Canada bound workers Mr. Biru and Ms. Sutahi told them both that they must make Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands proud.

“This opportunity is something you both have worked hard for. Go prove yourself and make sure you make Guadalcanal and its people and Solomon Islands proud,” Premier Veke said.

Premier Veke further added that GP is achieving its mandate of educating, training and putting people to work as part of his government’s human resources policy.

“This is a highly commendable achievement. We started off by sending people for employment to Canada under a 4-month scheme.

“Then we started to prepare our graduates for 24-month employment opportunity. Now we will have 3 GP people employed in Canada under permanent residence nomination program with another application under process,” a proud Premier Veke said.

Premier Veke said that when a person receives a permanent residence nomination the principle applicant is also joined by the remaining family members to travel to Canada.

 “This means that at the rate people are being placed in Canada we will soon have a GP community in Canada. This is an exciting opportunity for the people of Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands,” Premier Veke said.

“We remain optimistic that this opportunity is history in the making and we will continue to see more results of hiring of CITREC-GP graduates by Canadian employers,” Premier Veke said.

In response Mr. Biru and Ms. Sutahi both told Premier Veke and Guadalcanal administrators present at the document handover ceremony that they will uphold expectations of the Province and will make every effort in meeting and exceeding their employers’ expectations.

“I also want to thank GP’s Minister for Education, GP education authority and Provincial secretary for all the support both of us and other students continue to receive as part of CITREC’s partnership with the province.”

In November of this year three GP-CITREC workers left for Canada to participate in an Agriculture Canada pilot project. Baddley Sepo, Jonathan Benosi, and Mclin Tiaro have been granted their work permit under the Agriculture Management Pilot project which is valid for 24 months. 

Guadalcanal Provinces partnership with CITREC is bringing the opportunity for Guadalcanal people to be employed in Canada both on short term and long- term employment valid for 4-24 months as seasonal workers in the Agriculture, Tourism and Hospitality sectors. While those successfully nominated under the immigration nomination program are granted permanent residency.

This partnership has already seen three Guadalcanal CITREC graduates receive their nomination for Permanent Residency in August of this year under the Canadian Government’s immigration nomination program.

Ms. Delights acceptance makes her the third nominee for the permanent residency program.

“On an average since August of this year we have added 2 workers to the  Canadian workforce each month from the Province of Guadalcanal. We are proud of this achievement and we look forward to having more recruitment of GP-CITREC graduates in the very near future,” Mr. Dwivedi said.

Mr. Dwivedi further confirmed that another GP-CITREC graduate is being considered for nomination for Permanent residence and that his office remains hopeful that the result of this applicant will also be soon made available.

“We still have one more application for Permanent resident nomination under consideration by  Canadian immigration authorities. I remain very hopeful that we will very soon be receiving the result of this application as well,” Chairman Dwivedi said.

In an historic event for the Province and the Solomon Islands, both Amelia Muse and Careka Volly of Guadalcanal in August of this year received their immigration nomination documents for Canada that came with an employment confirmation and the opportunity for the duo to remain in Canada on permanent basis as residents, a process they have applied for since arriving into Canada.

Both Mr. Volly and Ms. Muse have created history for the country, becoming the first Solomon Islanders to be nominated under the Immigrant nominee program. Both are employed as food supervisors for an international fast-food restaurant chain in Canada.

Also approved to travel with Mr. Volly is his spouse and two dependent children who will soon all call Canada their home.

In total 4 persons in Mr. Volly’s family will be travelling to Canada while Ms. Muse will be  the only principal applicant. Ms. Sutahi husband is also eligible to travel to Canada under the permanent residence nomination.

Mr. Volly’s children will soon be entitled to go to school in Canada while his spouse upon arrival into Canada will be eligible to seek a temporary work permit while their Permanent Residence application for Canada is being finalised within Canada.

Meanwhile Guadalcanal Province is continuing to achieve results of its pilot project in Canada’s agriculture sector. CITREC-GP partnership has seen the recent placement of 4 persons into Canada’s agriculture sector.

 This opportunity in the agriculture was made possible following a visit by Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke to Canada last year where he met with many farmers in Western Canada appealing for them to hire CITREC-GP graduates for their farms.

During his visit to British Columbia, Canada Premier Veke had meetings with Canadian fruit growers Association members who had expressed keen interest to participate in the program once it had received the Canadian governments partnership approval.

During his address to the farm owners from various sectors Premier Veke appealed to farm owners to consider hiring CITREC-GP Graduates.