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Police release public buses back on road

10 January 2018
Buses detained by the police at the Rove Police field. [Inset] Walter Maesugea who heads a task-force of bus owners.

POLICE have released the buses back on the road that took part in the protest against Honiara City Council’s long routes policy on Tuesday.

The arrest took place at Rove field after the buses failed to seek approval from Police before staging the public protest against HCC.

The protest was described as ‘unlawful assemble’ in the public.

A task-force representing the buses and Police senior ranks had to educate the buses owners, conductors and drivers about issues and the law before releasing them back on the road.

Walter Maesugea, who is heading a task-force of bus owners, said they have urged the buses to follow the long routes re-introduced by HCC before producing their demands in future.

Mr Maesugea said it is not good to argue over the long route when the buses have not tried it out.

“It’s good for buses to try out the long routes first before reacting to it,” he told the Solomon Star on Tuesday.

“When we have the evidence, then we can meet with HCC in future to discuss our demands,” he added.

Mr Maesugea said reacting to the situation will not solve anything because everyone including passengers will suffer if there is no bus service.

Furthermore, Mr Maesugea believes that 30 buses are not adequate to service passengers on the highway from West to East Honiara.

He said it needs about 80 big buses to do a good service to passengers.

However, he said this can be proven if HCC has data of registered buses in Honiara in one year to make a good analysis.