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Impounded bechedemer have not been exported

11 January 2018
Bechedemer confiscated by police last year at a residence at St. Nicholas, Honiara.

BECHEDEMER Products from Malaita Outer Island (MOI) are not included in the first export of bechedemer December last year.

Fisheries under secretary Ferral Lasi confirmed that the first consignment of BDM export does not include those impounded from MOI.

First consignment of some of the bechedemer product was exported to Asian markets December last year by two of the buyers Chen Zhen Co Ltd, Ocean International and Solomon FVC New Process after being issued permits from the Ministry of Fisheries.

This export is permitted by the Fisheries according to the Customs office.

As understood, the MOI impounded sea cucumbers especially from Ontong Java atoll were implicated in a court case for illegal harvesting.

Three of the Chinese licensed buyers were alleged to have engaged in buying and contracting locals to dive prior to the lifting of the five year ban on the sea creature.

The complainant is Ontong Java entrepreneur and medical practitioner Dr Reginald Aipia.

Harvest season of the lucrative marine product will close end of this month.