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4 female officers promoted

12 January 2018
One of the four female officers being promoted Officer Moli, being congratulated by the Supervising Police Commissioner, Juanita Matanga.

FOUR female police officers are among 27 police officers who were being promoted to sergeant and senior sergeants’ ranks recently.

Supervising Police Commissioner, Juanita Matanga told journalists at the commissioner’s weekly conference she made the announcement of the promotions on Thursday morning.

“This morning, I announced the promotion of Non Commissioned Officers (NCO) or senior sergeants and sergeants of the police force,” Ms Matanga said.

“A total of 27 officers have been promoted to this ranks.”

Ms Matanga congratulates the 27 officers for their promotions and is looking forward to working with them.

“It is our wish to fill up positions within the police force.”

She said she would want more NCO’s throughout the country so that the work on the police plan for this year can be implemented.

Two female officers were  promoted to senior sergeants’ ranks while another two are being promoted to sergeants ranks.

Of the total, 12 officers are promoted to senior sergeant ranks while 15 are being promoted to sergeant ranks.

Ms Matanga explained to journalists that senior sergeants and sergeants are front line leaders in police force.

She said they are the ones leading the officers in the front line areas.

She said they are therefore critical to police organisation.

“Sergeant and senior sergeant ranks are first step to leadership ranks within police force.

“We expect them to do a lot for us,” Ms Matanga added.

She further added that senior officers will not be at front lines all the time and thus the sergeants and senior sergeants are the ones who will lead the team.

“They are the very people we expect to hem to do a lot of our job.”

These promotions have been advertised within the force last year.

The newly promoted officers are expected to start off their six month trial before they will be confirmed their positions.