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Police Credit Union probe still ongoing

05 February 2018
Police Commissioner Matthew Varley.

POLICE investigation into the alleged misuse of the Police Credit Union is progressing well.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley revealed this when asked at his weekly media conference for an update of the investigation.

“That investigation is going for quite a while,” Mr Varley said.

He added it is a complex matter.

Mr Varley said he was briefed on this case before Christmas and there is no new briefing yet in January.

 “But what I can say is, the investigators from our Professional Standards and Internal Investigation (PSII) and from our Fraud Unit are working through a very large amount of banking documents and financial records.

“We have obtained various cheques and banking records from banks here in Honiara about financial affairs of the Credit Union.”

The police chief added that they are actually exploring several years’ worth of documents dating back to 2013, 2014.

“You can imagine the amount of volume of material,” Mr Varley said.

He further added that this does not mean the investigation is not progressing well.

“I can tell you also that some staff and members of the Credit Union Committee have already been interviewed as part of that investigation and the matter is ongoing.

“I receive briefing from the Director of PSII regularly and I am due for one very soon.”

Mr Varley however, wanted to again make it clear to everyone that the administration and the affairs of the Credit Union are quite separate to the police force.

“The police force has no control and I have no control over the affairs of the Credit Union and that is why it is being administered, managed and overseen by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI.

“But what I do have control and concern with is the potential for offences both criminal and police disciplinary offences to have been committed to tarnish the reputation of the police force.

“And that is why I have been taking this case pretty seriously and to make sure the Credit Union is restored for the benefit of members.”

Mr Varley however, could not say much about this case saying the matter is still ongoing.

“At this point in time, charges have not been laid but I can tell you that a number of people have been interviewed.

“We are working through some very detailed financial records to determine what exactly went on in there,” Mr Varley said.