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‘Forced marriages’ still common here

05 February 2018

FORCED marriages in local communities is continuing despite government efforts to curb the illegal practice.

That’s according to Mark Tasha who is working with an Asian logging company in Western Province.

“We are still seeing many parents forcing their teenage daughters to move in with Asians working at the logging camps,” Tasha, from Vella La Vella, told the Solomon Star.

Police last year arrested and charged a Malaysian logger with human trafficking, the first case of its kind here.

The case is still before the courts.

The Malaysian logger was accused of living and keeping an under age local girl as his wife.

Tasha said despite the efforts by authorities to stop the practice, it is still continue in some of the logging camps.

“Western province has the highest number of logging camps so parents turn to offer their daughters to Asian loggers in return for financial returns.

“Some families that I know sold their daughters to foreigners who work at the logging companies for them to have sex for money to help their families.

“Parents should have more concern for their daughters over money.

“This practice is just the same as child trafficking.

“Commercial sex for money is now becoming the most common form of human trafficking in Solomon Islands,” he said.