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Dausabea reiterates call to remove foreign membership

12 February 2018
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce & Trade Solomon Islands (ICCTSI) Charles Dausabea.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce & Trade Solomon Islands (ICCTSI) Charles Dausabea reiterates call to exclude foreigners from board membership.

He reiterated on this by claiming that foreigner or naturalised citizens who took up membership in the decision making board must be removed to avoid foreign agendas ushered in to supersede national interests.

“Whether the board is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) or Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF), foreigners and naturalised citizens must not be allowed in.”

He further added, this has to be restricted for indigenous Solomon Islanders only, who would make genuine decisions in the interest of the nation and that of the indigenous people.

He gave examples that SINPF had incurred losses on poor investments into something that generate little or nothing in return for the members of SINPF.

Dausabea said the poor investments came as a result of decision made by the SINPF board, therefore they must be removed.

He claimed the fall in the interest paid to SINPF members for the previous years demonstrate corruption and filthy decision makings at the board level.

He said foreigners or naturalised citizens within the SINPF Board like Mr. Peter Boyers must voluntarily resign or Minister for Finance must terminate him if he refuses to resign.

Dausabea said “ICCTISI will write a letter to the Minister of Finance and Boyers for his resignation, but if the chairman fails to resign then we will publicly protest for his removal.”

ICCTISI said Boyers must tender his resignation within seven days from the date of this notice or we will protest for his removal.

He said foreigners or naturalised citizens should not be allowed a place in the decision making board of SINPF or any SOE.

Alleging that they are here only to strip off the rights of the indigenous people and create opportunities for themselves while suppressing the native of this country from benefits they should enjoy.

He urged for the termination of the entire SINPF board including the chairman.

Adding, enough damage has been done to the only savings that should benefit the members of SINPF.

He further alleged that SINPF is paying $3million every year to Soltuna which is a bad investment that continue to put burden on the hardworking people of Solomon Islands.

“And surprisingly, the deputy Chairman of SINPF board is one of the managers of Soltuna, which could be the reason for awarding $3million to the company,” he revealed.

He further alleges that $150million was also paid to a foreign company that evaluates (value) the assets of South Pacific Oil (SPO).

“This is a very bad decision from someone controlling the board of both SINPF and SPO who pre-arrange everything according to his interests and that of foreigners,” he argued.

Comments are being sought from the members of the SINPF board.